Full Metal – ZWB-xM/1

ZWB-xM/1 Above ground Full Metal Truck Scale - Weighbridge
ZWB-9M/1 Truck Scale - WeighbridgeZWB-14M/1 Truck Scale - WeighbridgeZWB-9M/1 Above ground Full Metal Truck Scale - WeighbridgeManufacture Above ground Full Metal Truck Scaledinamokipseles endiktis ektipotisepifanias metalliki vareos typou

Above ground fully metal weighbridge consisting of metal beams IPE and UPN for the metal frame with metal rolling platform. With side parapets at dimensions and capacitys for weighing all truck types.

Heavy duty above ground full metal weighbridge consisting of metal type I frame and steel rolling platform. Easy to transport.

For installation of the weighbridge created a slab of concrete with two ramps (entry and exit), between which the metal framed construction.

All metal parts blasted and painted. The installation process is carried out by our company crane by our staff.

For all models all static calculations have been made following the most advanced standards DIN 1072 and DIN 8119.

General Features

  • Length from 6m up to 18m
  • Width from 3m up to 3.70m
  • Capacity from 10tn up to 80tn
  • Full Metal
  • High precision, Certified Load Cells with OIML (Internation Organization of Legal Metrologh) and NTEP
  • Construction divined (for 14m and 18m model)
  • Ideal for temporary installations
  • Designed for easy trasport
  • Very easy installation
  • Rolling platform about 420-450mm above ground
  • Approval Certificate (Αρ. ΔΠΠ 830/Ζ2)

All parts of the weighbridge including load cells and their support systems, remain easily accessible after installation, providing seamless service.

Additional Information


VT300, D10, D10p


6.00m, 9.00m, 14.00m, 18.00m


Epson LX350, Kiosk Printer


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