Self-Service Automatic Weighing

Self Service Automatic Weighing
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Self-service automatic weighing weighbridge system in which with the use of coins, tokens or cards (RFID) make the weighing and the printing of weighing records. Direct service to 24-hour vehicle without the presence of an operator.

Zigisis through research and development has built a self service automatic weighing system to idealize the operation of weighing systems. The automatic weighing system allow operation 24/7 without having to employ someone.
The self service weighing system contains a special vehicles weighing software configured to cooperate with any weighing system.


  • Vehicle weight screen display
  • Auxiliary display for user guidance
  • Function Button : Zero
  • Coin selector for coins or tokens
  • Port for receiving the printing weighing ticket

Operation of  self-service automatic system

Driver of the vehicle places the vehicle in weighbridge and casts the corresponding price in coin selector. On the system's front display you can see weighing, while the printer receives and printing the weighing ticket.

The front panel is designed to offer convenience for anyone (Weighing ticket printing at once). All the detailed instructions on the front panel are in Greek (optional in English)

Features :

  • Operation with coin, tokens or cards (RFID)
  • Fully Greek user guidance menu. (optional English)
  • Two display screens: 1) Auxiliary guidance screen. 2) Weight display screen.
  • Large legible printing for weighing records
  • Printing paper roll : > 1500 printings
  • Removable collecting coins money box with its own lock.
  • Specially designed for outdoors.
  • User protection against accidentally weighing (Non-acceptance coin if weighbridge is empty without vehicle)
  • Ability to connect to PC and external RD (Remote display)
  • Multiple weighing records copies and adjustable printing sizes
  • Automatic ticketing cutting (adjustable number of copies)
  • Certified high quality electronic components.
  • Payment price can be selected depending on the vehicle weight.
  • Warranty 1 year.

Components inside :

  • Certified power supply (CE and UL certified)
  • Safety switch with European compliance and RoHS certification and REACh
  • Coin Selector (for the model with coin or tokens)
  • Thermal kiosk printer
  • Indicator and indicator display.
  • Independent coin / chip collection box with own lock

Can be mounted either on a metal base or a wall. It is electrostatically painted and coated with sealing lacquer resistant to all weather conditions. Two locks are included for security purposes, one external and one internal.

Additional Information


Κέρμα (Coin), Μάρκα (Token), Κάρτα (RFID Card)


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