Who We Are

ΖΥΓISIS - Industrial Weighing Systems

Zygisis did the first steps with optimism and reverie 10 years ago the field of industrial weighing and automation with the aim of improving the quality and reliability of provided services. Paying attention to technological progress and combining the skills of craftsman with current technology the company in a short time managed to leave the traces in the field of industrial weighing and automation. Zygisis develops industrial weighing products such as truck scales, floor scales, bench scales, crane scales etc. as well as a variety of weighing applications like dosing, packaging, self service weighbridge etc. We Develop top software programs which offer endless possibilities of the manufacturing automation as well as production monitoring at all stages with the PC support.

Our goals are basis of our philosophy.
We constantly update our knowledge in the field of technology and R&D, study and design completed weighing applications which always correspond to high quality and reliability standards. Covering of needs of each production process which requires automation, standardization, checking, collection and data processing.
Our cooperation with the leading foreign firms guarantees of high quality and specifications of load cells, indicators, packaging lines, elements with accuracy, strengh and reliability in weighing-packaging lines.

Our History

2004 -

After years of experience as technicians in industrial weighing systems, Tsaousidis Eleftherios starts his own business in the field of construction and repair of weighing systems in Thessaloniki.

2006 -

The increasing orders and the need for larger facilities lead to the transfer of the company in an area of 1000m².

2008 -

Zygisis has assessed and found to meet the requirements of the standard : ISO 9001:2008 For the following scope of operation : Trade, repair and manufacture of weighing systems.

2011 -

Created the first version of Crane scale CSZ and automatic weighing system ZSS with coin selector/RFID for truck scales.

2013 -

Nine years after inception of ZYGISIS, the company moved at Vasilika Thessalonikis to a new industrial building 2000m².

2015 -

Zygisis develops at sector of packaging machines with the cooperation leading firms in europe.

2018 -

The quality system is being upgraded to new version ISO 9001:2015, while at the same time the ISO 17025 certification process has begun.

2019 -

ZYGISIS completed the accreditation procedures ISO 17025: 2017 by ESYD. (National Accreditation System) and now has an accredited laboratory for verifying weighing and standard weights with certificate number 1192.


Zygisis has experienced and skilled staff that ensure the immediate and full support of all industrial products. In addition, technical support is provided to all sorts of issues and damage presenting any weighing system, truck scales and weighing equipment. You can contact to us to look at any kind of damage and to try to assess the nature and extent of the damage and the requirement visit your plant for repair as well.
The Company invests in recent years more and more funds for R&D in order to follow the technological developments in weighing-packaging. Zygisis have made the creation of study and experimentation laboratories and in conjunction with the development of partnerships with specialized  scientists aiming to find new industrial solutions and products.
Zygisis have put great emphasis on quality assurance of the operation of the implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2008. So its able to produce and market quality solutions and products always according to customer needs and always in compliance with international standards.